Winning Grants for Community Impact

Our Team

Shiloh Slomsky,

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Shiloh Slomsky, based in Petoskey, Michigan, is a proficient grant writer, compliance officer, project leader, and consultant with over 15 years of experience. Shiloh specializing in social diffusion, leadership, collaborative partnerships, contracting, education, and socioeconomic development. As a subject matter expert, Shiloh blends proficiencies to assist organizations in attaining synergy between social responsiveness and outcomes through innovative and harmonized formulation of grant development—implementation. Shiloh has successful experience writing grants to the Administration for Native Americans, Department of Commerce, Department of Education, Department of Logistics and more. In her down time, Shiloh enjoys spending time outdoors kayaking, hiking and gardening and loves to volunteer for her community.

“As part of my Native American heritage, I was taught to pass on and share my knowledge so that it can uplift, inspire, and empower the Next Seven Generations. For me, there is no greater blessing than to wake up each day and employ my skillset constructively for the future.”