About Innovative Funding Partners

Innovative Funding Partners (IFP) is highly regarded for our impressive overall grant success rate of 85%. Our success is based not only on our expertise, but on our relationship-building approach. It is our goal to thoroughly understand the strengths and weaknesses of our clients so that we only move forward with grants that have the highest likelihood of being scored well and funded. While other firms may advocate an approach that involves submitting as many grants as possible, we believe clients are best served by only submitting grants with a high probability of success. Our experience has shown that this approach has the highest return on investment.

Why Focus on Grant Development?

Grants are effective tools for creating sustainable innovation, collaboration, and education as well as community and stakeholder engagement. Because the culture of a not-for-profit organization and the practice of running it is always changing, innovation and employee engagement in the midst of these changes can be both challenging and expensive. Senior leadership can guide change by selecting grants fitting strategic priorities; thereafter, the grant mechanism, through project requirements, budget, deadlines, etc., provides the necessary structure for program development. Through appropriate grant development efforts, this process naturally brings about positive momentum for cultural change with the potential of generating a significant return on investment.