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Duane Wallace, DrPH

Grants Consultant
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Duane J. Wallace II, DrPH, MPH, PMP, CPH, CHES, based in Baltimore, Maryland, is an experienced and accomplished grant writer with over a decade of experience securing funding from government agencies (federal, state, and local), private foundations, and corporations. Duane is highly skilled in utilizing research methodologies and data analysis techniques to create compelling grant narratives that align with organizational goals. Duane holds a Doctorate in Public Health as well as several certifications. He has successful experience with numerous federal and foundation grants including the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, CDC, American Diabetes Association, Environmental Protection Agency, State Highway Administration, American Cancer Society, and Kaiser Foundation. In his free time, Duane enjoys traveling domestically and internationally, going to sports games, and going to see live music.

“Many grant programs focus on solving real-world problems or addressing societal challenges. By securing funding, grant writers have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on issues that matter to them, such as public health, education, environmental sustainability, or social justice.”