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Judith Woodruff, J.D.

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Judith Woodruff, J.D., based in Portland, Oregon, is a highly accomplished creative philanthropic and nonprofit leader with state and national experience in collaborative relationships, facilitating multiple stakeholder partnerships, and developing new projects and grant programs.  Judith has worked as an independent consultant to philanthropy and nonprofits since 2013, specializing in grant writing, strategic planning, organizational development and leadership, and partnership development.  She specializes in grant writing to private foundations. Examples of Judith’s successful grant experience include HRSA, state health and education departments, and private foundations. In her free time, Judith enjoys traveling, as well as reading and photography.

“To create a grant proposal that fits the criteria for the funding announcement, the project must be fully developed and ready for funding. I like helping a client to conceptualize and work through the design of the project, even before the grant writing begins.”