Service Lines

Grant Writing and Application Development

Our results speak for themselves:

  • Overall success rate of 70% in a world where the average funder (Federal, State and Foundations) only fund 15-20% of the applications they receive:
  • Over $100M+ in successful HRSA, USDA and ONC applications for our Clients from small rural and frontier facilities to large multi-state health systems to build rural and urban telehealth networks designed to CMS’ triple aim of (1) improved models of patient care, (2) better patient outcomes, and (3) reduced cost of care, as well as to fund the workforce development programs necessary to retrain their physicians and nursing staff.
  • Over $100M+ in awards from agencies such as HUD, NIH, DoD, Department of Education, AHRQ, CDC and CMMI to fund innovation, infrastructure, equipment and care redesign across a wide variety of care settings.
  • Overall success rate of over 80% for Clients pursuing CMS CMMI opportunities
  • 100% success in assisting Clients attain MSSP ACO status, through application development, peer review, and/or technical assistance
  • 100% success for our  four clients to become Hospital Engagement Network (Quality Improvement Initiative) members with CMS
  • 100% success in helping three clients to participate in the CMS Model 2 Bundled Payment initiative
  • 91.66% success for our clients to participate in the CMS Patient Navigator initiative
  • 100% success in helping clients to participate in the CMS Care Choices Hospice initiative
  • 75% success for our clients pursuing Community based Care Transition awards from CMS

IFP’s exceptional team of consultants has over a century of successful grant writing, project management and application development experience.  Our wealth of knowledge regarding a wide variety of Federal, State and Foundation priorities, coupled with an unswerving commitment to provide excellent services to our clients, has made the Innovative Funding Partners team the industry leader in grant writing and application development.

Every year billions of dollars in grants and cooperative agreements are available through federal, state, local, and foundation opportunities.  While the majority of these opportunities support programs and services, funding is also available for research, equipment, and construction / renovation.   Our team of professional grant writers, researchers and editors have successfully secured hundreds of millions in funding for small rural healthcare providers to large multi-state systems, as well as non-profit clients around the country.  Visit our successes page for a sample of grants, cooperative agreements and contracts we have helped our clients to secure.   Your success is our success!

Grant Readiness Assessment

Our proprietary Grants Readiness Assessment provides your team with the building blocks necessary to establish a successful grants program. Our experts will make a multi-day site visit to your organization, conduct in-depth interviews with your Senior Leaders, review your current processes, and more. Our detailed final report will outline the key steps necessary to maximize your organizational capabilities and identify the federal agency / foundation opportunities best suited for your team.

Other Grant Services:

Innovative Funding Partners offers ancillary grant services tailored to fit our Clients’ needs, such as:

  • Project Vetting
  • Peer Review / Editing
  • Logic Model Development, etc.

To learn more about these and the services above, please contact  us at info 

Research & Evaluation Services

In recent years, competition for research funding has increased exponentially. This ascent is a result of a strategic shift in focus calling for increased involvement of community-based health providers. Despite broadened interests, the fact remains—only the most prepared applicants, with the most innovative and scientifically sound proposals, are awarded grant monies.

Innovative Funding Partners’ has developed a suite of professional services tailored to assist organizations requiring guidance and direction in developing novel research projects. These services include:

  • Identification of key research and evaluation personnel (i.e., the principal investigator and project director)
  • Research/evaluation feasibility assessment
  • Research or evaluation design
  • Hypothesis development
  • Project outcome identification and measurement
  • Statistic technique development
  • Survey development
  • Data collection protocols and plans
  • Coding scheme development
  • Database development
  • Data entry services
  • Statistical analyses
  • Evaluation report development

CMS Pilot/Demo Analysis and Application Preparation

Recently, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has changed the way it pays for services, and it is using new pilot and demonstration projects to test innovations and achieve the Triple Aim.  Originally developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), the Triple Aim is a framework that describes an approach to optimizing health system performance.  Adopted by the CMS, the goals of the Triple Aim are as follows:

  • Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
  • Improving the health of populations
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care

IFP’s team has an unparalleled success rate of over 80% with these initiatives. Our team’s expertise includes application development for the following CMS Pilot/Demos:

  • Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative (success rate of 100%)
  • Hospital Engagement Contract (success rate of 100%)
  • Medicare Shared Savings Program (success rate of 100%—for more information click the ACOs tab above)
  • Medicare Care Choices Program (success rate of 100%)
  • Community Care Transitions Program (success rate of 75%)

While CMS Pilot/Demo applications bear some similarities to “normal” Federal grants, they also require highly specialized expertise in large-scale system transformation, payment models, and return on investment analysis.  IFP is one of the only consulting firms in the country with the expertise and experience to successfully guide you through this complex process.  For more information on these services, please contact Louise Mathias, Senior Partner, at or 202.809.3401.

Accountable Care Organization/Medicare Shared Savings Program Services

The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services recently announced the application dates for the next round of the Medicare Shared Savings Program.  As part of a nationwide effort to control healthcare costs and improve quality, private insurers and public payers are moving toward new payment methodologies that create shared risk in providing high-quality, cost effective care. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) has initiated a Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) designed to promote accountability, improve coordination of care and encourage provider investment in infrastructure and redesigned care processes. Eligible providers, hospitals, and suppliers may participate in the Shared Savings Program by creating or participating in an Accountable Care Organization, also called an ACO.  Increasingly, private insurers across the nation are creating new contracts with hospital systems that call for risk sharing ACO models as well.

IFP’s team of consultants has assisted over a dozen organizations apply for and obtain CMS ACO status, and has been actively involved in this initiative since the program’s inception. Our success rate in this area is 100%, and we are one of the only firms nationwide with such a track record. Our ACO services include the following:

  • Application Development
  • Implementation Services
  • Governance and Compliance

IFP has developed a strategic alliance with Accountable Care, Law and Policy (ACLP) to provide these services to our clients. Please click for more information regarding ACLP.

The next round of MSSP/ACO applications will be accepted July 1 to July 31st, 2013, with a January 1st, 2014 start date. Contact Louise Mathias, Senior Partner, at 202.809.3401 or to learn more.

Capital Campaigns

A successful capital campaign entails the development and fulfillment of a detailed strategy. Today, there are more organizations seeking support than ever before. As a result, funding dollars are often scarce. In order to thrive in such a climate, it is essential to distinguish one’s organization or cause from the competition. Unlike the rest of the business world, which has become highly dependent on impersonal communication, effective fundraising requires developing and nurturing a close personal relationship with the targeted audience. Often, organizations succeeding in this regard are rewarded in the form of funding dollars for their due diligence. IFP’s capital campaign services are designed to guide, direct and mentor organizations through the fundraising process. These services include:

  • Capital campaign feasibility
  • Determining internal readiness
  • Performing an external audience assessment
  • Capital campaign support and management
  • Developing a case statement
  • Providing pre-campaign support and management
  • Offering ongoing campaign support and counsel
  • Fundraising program establishment
  • Developing staff and volunteer structures

Community Based Organizations

In today’s economic climate, community based organizations face many unique challenges. Because of operating on a limited budget, often with a small development staff, you may not be maximizing your potential to secure grant funding in support of your mission.

Innovative Funding Partner’s team of grant writing/proposal development experts have a wealth of experience in assisting nonprofits in many areas, including:

  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Social Services
  • Affordable Housing
  • Food Banks
  • Homelessness
  • International Aid
  • Arts and Culture
  • Marriage and Family

Collectively, we have successfully secured millions of dollars in grants from Federal agencies as varied as the Department of Education, Administration for Children and Families, Housing and Urban Development, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Institute of Museum and Library Services, the National Science Foundation, Department of Commerce, as well as numerous national foundations, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Annenberg Foundation, WellPoint, and Kresge.

There are many reasons for your community based organization to work with IFP. Perhaps you have had moderate success with smaller grants, but you want to expand beyond local and regional foundations. You might be frustrated with your current success rate and would benefit from the collective expertise of a team with decades of experience and an overall success rate exceeding 60% (higher in some areas). Possibly, your organization is too short staffed to pursue the time consuming, intricate Federal grant opportunity that has landed on your desk and is due in six weeks.  Or you may be aware that funding opportunities exist, but because you do not know where to look, the chances slip away.

Numerous grants are available to help support personnel, space, and equipment needs, as well as program development, implementation, and evaluation.  Not only does IFP have a keen understanding of the Federal and foundation grant landscape, but we also have the best tools and expertise at our disposal for identifying grant opportunities that are a fit for your organization.

Please contact us at to discuss your needs.  Our dedicated, passionate, and experienced team is ready to help you achieve your mission.